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About Danielle’s Diddy Daycare

Danielle’s Diddy Daycare is a business that specialises in providing childcare for all children. I serve the general public in Wigton, Wiggonby, Carlisle, and surrounding locations.


Hello, my name is Danielle and I moved to Hertfordshire in 2016, and in May 2020 relocated to Cumbria with my Son.

After having lived in Germany for two years, it seemed moving back to the UK meant more time in the North, where my relatives are based.  Although, Hertfordshire is where our path took us back in 2016. This meant sadly, not being able to live with my baby boy, in close proximity to friends and family members, which was a daunting prospect at the time. We moved only knowing each other. Although it was a little tough at first, I managed to overcome the hurdles, that we as parents face on a daily basis. Being completely alone, in a new town was challenging. These challenges, I overcame and I gained great strength from this, managing to turn the negative points into positive ones. In result of this, I decided to start a business providing childcare for people like myself, who find it difficult to leave their little ones or have little or no support base from family, due to lots of different reasons. 

My purpose is to make the parents feel at ease, when going to work, while their child has a home like experience being away from them.

Me and my Son relocated to Cumbria in May 2020, having lived a busy lifestyle, i was ready for my Son to experience his childhood with a focus on the outdoors and a quieter lifestyle: going back to nature and the simpler things in life: been close to his extended family and appreciating life in different ways.

We have now settled in Cumbria and are ready for our next chapter in our life. Although my passion is to still continue the job i loved doing in the South, so here I am ready to provide the same exceptional service of childcare in the North of England, embracing my Northern roots! 

The Beginning

After finishing my degree in International Business Management and then having had my son, I found it difficult, to say the least, to go back to work.

He was prematurely born at 25+5 weeks, making him that more special to give him all the time I had! So I did just that! As it was extremely hard to leave him with anyone, putting him into nursery full time, where I believed he is one of many was not an option. Going forward, I decided to focus my time and energy on him and other children for parents who are looking for that extra bit of loving care given to their amazing children.

People always say follow your passion in life: well, as well as my son, children are my passion.

My son, who is the reason I began this journey, is now a thriving 5 year old boy who speaks both German and English and despite his prematurity has developed far beyond his means. I aim to provide the highest stimulated childcare where learning never stops. It is just made with love and fun, providing ever lasting memories.

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