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Encouraging Your Child To Eat A Well Balanced Diet

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Saying that your son or daughter’s childhood is important is an understatement. Your child’s early years will influence how he or she develops as an individual. As parents, we all want what’s best for our children, so it’s essential to find a positive learning environment where your child can learn, enjoy, and grow. This is something I can provide at Danielle’s Diddy Daycare in Wigton, Cumbria.

My Mission Statement

Providing the highest quality childcare in a safe, nurturing and recreational home from home setting, with particular focus on the individuals child’s age, ability and desire to stimulate their social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth.

What Your Child Can Expect At Danielle’s Diddy Daycare?

Providing a fun and caring atmosphere is the main goal, where the child can learn through play and experience new surroundings at the playground, at the farm and on nature walks. We have trips to the trampoline park, soft play centres and splash parks. I, myself enjoy cooking and I try to encourage a healthy and varied diet for all my children, whether this is for breakfast, lunch, or evening meals, or even when we are out for a picnic.

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